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From Oral Hearing 1

BRAME - Blue Ribbon for the Awareness of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

  Microsoft 'Word' word processing document - 469Kb .DOC file

ME Association - Beth Llewellyn

  Microsoft 'Word' word processing document - 56Kb .DOC file

ME Association - Dr Charles Shepherd

  Microsoft 'Word' word processing document - 57Kb .DOC file

The One Click Group

  Adobe 'Reader' document - 43Kb .PDF file

Worcestershire ME Support Group

  Microsoft 'Word' word processing document - 47Kb .DOC file

From Oral Hearing 3

Professor Trudie Chalder

  Microsoft 'PowerPoint' presentation - 154Kb .PPT file

Dr Anthony Cleare

  Microsoft 'PowerPoint' presentation - 144Kb .PPT file

Dr Jonathan Kerr

  Microsoft 'PowerPoint' presentation - 2.5Mb .PPT file

Dr Vance Spence

  Adobe 'Reader' document - 1.9Mb .PDF file

A version of this presentation with explanatory text can be read here

Professor Peter White

  Microsoft 'PowerPoint' presentation - 69Kb .PPT file

From Oral Hearing 4

Professor Malcolm Hooper

  Microsoft 'PowerPoint' presentation - 1.3Mb .PPT file

Professor Anthony J Pinching

"Jigsaw Pieces - Services and Research"

  Microsoft 'PowerPoint' presentation - 53Kb .PPT file

Dr Nigel Speight

  Microsoft 'PowerPoint' presentation - 2.3Mb .PPT file


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